Know the scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data.
About Data Science For You

Data Science is related to Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data. 

DataScienceForYou (DSFY) is a unique platform offers you knowledge and in-depth insights in the Machine Learning &  Artificial Intelligence.  Here you will learn about data techniques and its In-depth use. Our Unique programs offer students to participate in our weekly interactions and say their experience on Data Science.

Our Core Uniqueness
meet the crew
I am the CEO & Cofounder 

DSFY is a unique platform for students who wants to Create, Learn, Know about Data Science. I Personally did Master in Data Science & fell in love with subject.

Raj K S V 
I am Cofounder

I am Raj K S V, DSFY is a Unique concept. We started if for the students who wants to learn the data science and share their knowledge with others. Its been a great journey to success.

Books Recommendations
Discovering Statistics Using R

Best Book on the Data Science

Python Data Science Handbook

If you are a python programmer best book on Data Science

Pro Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Tensorflow and Deep Learning Book